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Happy Clients

"Keila Oses is truly a skilled professional hypnotist! For my therapeutic hypnosis, I want trust...We had a great session in which I felt comfortable and guided to my goal. The subconscious mind is super powerful, tap into yours with Keila Oses!"

"Keila is amazing! She gives you such great tools for life and busienss. I've been able to bring my business to the next level with her help. Highly recommend!"

"Keila is the sweetest person ever! She really cares about her clients. She's helped me through so much...
I remember going through Google a little desperate looking for a someone to help me. I felt completely lost. She came across my search and "coincidently" I had met her before somewhere else at one of her meditation sessions. I called her and started a coaching plan with her.
She's helped me to overcome issues that were holding me back in my life. I took a major life-changing decision, landed a new job, and started to work towards dreams that I saw as impossible at the time. Of course, life's a rollercoaster and things are not always great, but they aren't always bad either. Her assignments and exercises helped me figure out what I wanted more of in my life. I feel in a safe, vibrant, judgement-free space when I go to her sessions.
I'm really grateful to have found her in my life and I would recommend her coaching services to anyone who is seeking for a better version of themselves.
Thank you Keila <3"

Dianela Urdaneta

"As a foundation that empowers women, I had the opportunity to offer a session with Keila to a group of women in our organization and they all continue to praise her talent. Each individual felt they walked away with amazing tranquility.   Keila  has one of the most magical yet therapeutic voices that is key to address any life situation, anxiety, sleep disorder, fear or a goal to achieve.   Her ability to transmit such positive energy is healing and transformative!  I personally experienced the powers of her  techniques in my very first session shortly after the loss of my Mother.  I am eternally grateful for how these sessions improved my life."

Emily Zubizarreta

"Keila is a wonderful hypnotist! After my sessions with her I can actually feel and see all the love that has always been there around me. Thank you so much for your support and guidance. Your kindness and the love you transfer to all you do is remarkable. I can say that I am aligned, focused and ready to continue this wonderful journey with you by my side!"

Elias Franco

"I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for the excellent help that Keila performs thru her hypnosis.   Keila has all the qualities of a “Healer”.  Her compassion is so palpable that it is key in her all sessions.  When you leave one her sessions you feel an overwhelming serenity and peace.  Keila  provides the tools to improve your Life and Become Empowered."

Isabel Y.

"I had two very productive sessions with Keila that included in-office hypnosis and follow up home work and audio sessions. Her enthusiasm and interest in helping you overcome your challenges is genuine and palpable. She exudes positivism and quite frankly, just sitting in the same room with someone like that is enough to spin your luck and energy field in the right direction."

Azais C.

"This year has been the best year of my life! My career, social and personal life have flourished to a level I didnt know I was capable of! One year ago, I participated in a self-confidence group hypnosis performed by Keila. At that point of my life I didnt know what I wanted to do with my career and felt so lost and overwhelmed with everything. I have never felt more happy, confident and fulfilled in my entire life. Thank you Keila for helping me when I needed direction. Life is good :)"

Daniella F.

"Empowering is the word I can think of to best describe my sessions with Keila. She gives you the tools you need to guide you back into your power, and reminds you of your divine power, teaching you how to regain trust in yourself. All of our sessions were guided by intuition and Keila structured each session by what she felt was needed in my healing journey at that time. Sometimes it was a meditation, other times it was hypnosis, and other times it was what felt like a conversation with a trusted friend, designed to help me awaken and become aware of my patterns and lack of boundaries that led me to enable other people to control, manipulate and take advantage of me. 


By empowering me and putting me back in touch with my divine power and responsibility, Keila has helped me heal and move through the hardest lessons life has taught me. If you use the tools she gives you (consistently!), which are more like boosts to get you back on track, you will move through and transform whatever is holding you back. It's not easy work, you have to be diligent and it requires a steadfast commitment to yourself, but it's necessary to heal and transform yourself and move forward. 


Thank you so much Keila for everything you do, your commitment to your practice and clients, and for empowering everyone around you!"

Carla G.

"Keila is an excellent professional and human being really commited to helping her patients. She gives you very practical and easy tools that you can use for life."

Vanessa Sabogal

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