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Is your Spring Cleaning checklist complete?

Spring Cleaning Your Life

Spring is here and for many of us this means, spring cleaning time. I personally love it. There is something about getting rid of the things I don’t need from my closet, my kitchen, or bookshelf that makes me feel refreshed. When we clean, re-arrange, and get rid of things, we are moving around energy in our homes. Because everything is energy and has an energy to it. We are cleaning space and opening up space. We are letting go of energies that either no longer serve us or just feel heavy and weigh us down. That is why we feel so clear and refreshed after we clean up, because of all the stagnant energy that has been moved or removed.

When spring cleaning comes, I make a list of areas I want to clean and organize. But, not only do I look at my home environment but ALL environments I visit regularly. I refer to the main things that affect my life: home, family, career, spirituality, wellness/health, finance, and social life. I become aware of my environment on the sections of life I am working on improving, and make a check list based on the goals or desires I have set for myself on each area. If I notice an environment is not matching my vibe or goals, I think of what needs to change or what adjustments I can make, just like when I'm not liking the vibe in my living room and think of ways I can move things around or what I can get rid of.

For example, if a goal of yours is to eat more healthy meals, I would look at the following in my environments:

Where do I usually eat my meals? At work, out with co-workers, and at home.

What is that environment like? At my desk it's stressful, if I eat in the lunch room it's ok, out with the girls is fun but I don't always make the healthiest choices, at home it's always peaceful and healthy when I have the right foods.

What needs to change in each environment to attain your goal? At work maybe I can eat in the lunchroom four times a week and only eat out once with my co-workers. At home I can clean out my fridge and make sure I have yummy healthy foods to eat only, that way I take healthy lunches and can cook healthy dinners and breakfasts for me and my family.

As you can see one goal can affect many environments. In this example from above we could continue to ask how this goal will affect other key areas of life: Relationships, finance, spirituality, home life etc. If this persons goal was also to save money, this change would impact that goal as well. She is changing one environment but clearing one environment shifts others.

For example, many years ago my goal was to quit smoking. I looked at the environments in which I smoked and made the changes necessary to make my desire easier to attain. I decided to stay away from bars, since I knew they were a trigger for me. But I also smoked in my car, and I can't just stop driving, so I looked for a way to change my environment in my car. I brought gum, water, juices all to help me change my environment to aid my goal. My relationships changed due to this change, but I knew my health was the most important thing to me. Because I wasn't spending money on cigarettes or bars I was also saving money, helping my financial goal as well. The bottom line is I knew that my smoking cigarettes habit had to go! Just like my socks with a hole, it served me no purpose and it was hurting me and those that loved me. IT HAD TO GO! This is another example of how one goal can affect many environments.

Maybe your list consists of a relationship, exercising, or your work environment. Maybe cleaning your space at work will provide you with more peace or less stress. Small changes add up and can make a big difference in your energy and overall feeling. Just like throwing out that old sweater you never wear to make room for a new one, clearing your energy in other areas will help you feel like you have more space to be. If you don't know where or how to even get your list started look at your life like you look at your closet; what HAS to GO, what NEEDS to get MOVED, what HAS to CHANGE? Once you have your list set, tackle it one by one. Doing it this way will help you feel more clear and not get overwhelmed. Be patient and enjoy the process. Journaling how your life begins to change and shift is a great exercise while spring cleaning your life. It helps you process and also keep account of where you were and where you are going. If you have any questions about how to clean your environment please reach out and I will gladly help. Enjoy your Spring Cleaning!

Spring Cleaning Life List

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