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What is health to you?

Health is such a big topic at the beginning of the year. Or should I say losing weight is. Most people start resolutions to eat healthier and to get fit. For a long time, I thought that's what being healthy was. Being fit, looking fit and getting good lab results and not visiting the doc. That was just about five to six years ago. I had no idea what real health was, all I knew was that I needed it because I didn't feel good and thought I didn't look good. I had been looking to be healthy for a while but I had no idea what I was really looking for. All those years I had been looking for the wrong thing, or should I say I was looking for health the wrong way. As I began my journey to health I began to understand it wasn't about how I looked or how many times I got sick but about my whole being, I mean being healthy is about everything in my life. Everything in life affects your health. I began to realize who I worked with, the environment I was in, where I lived, who I hung out with, how many hours I slept, what I ate, what I did for a living, what I thought and physical movement all together defined and affected my health. I could work out until I was blue but if my work environment was toxic, my health will be affected negatively. When I figured this out, I slowly began to make the changes I needed to get healthy. The more changes I made the better I felt. I began to process all aspects of my life. What were the things that brought me happiness and what didn't. What were the things that made me feel drained and why. The more I processed the more I understood my body, my mind and my soul. I realized how disconnected I was from my spirit, from the real me and my truth. What came from these realizations was a transformation.

I have transformed my life and continue to do so every day. This is one of the reasons I decided to help others in their transformations, because no one really teaches you this in school. I help people through their journey of self-healing and discovery. I am not in perfect health but I strive for it every day. I work for progress not perfection. But when I think of my health now I think of my body, mind and soul. I ask: Am I supporting myself in all of these areas? what areas need to more love? Do I need more physical exercise?, or am I not resting enough? Is my mind being challenged? or do I need some self-care days at the spa? While you think of your health this new year, ask yourself, what is health to me?

If you need help getting your health on, click here for a free coaching consultation. Wish the best year to all you, filled with love, light, & wellness.

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