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Gut Truth

Group Healing Sessions

Learn what your belly aches are trying to tell you, and

CONNECT  to your Inner Self

Keila Oses

“Unveil Your Gut Truth And Take Back Your Gut Power”




  • Do you experience stomach aches, cramping, diarrhea or constipation?

  • Do you feel really stressed and stuck in certain life situations?

  • Are you tired of experiencing embarrassing moments because of stomach issues?

  • Does anxiety kick in at the thought of IBS or stomach cramps happening when not expected?

  • Do you find yourself not attending events and excluding yourself from social events because of your stomach issues?

  • Do you feel like you are missing out on life because of your stomach and stress?

  • Do you feel tired and fatigued? 

  • Are you eating healthy and still experience stomach issues? 

  • Does stress give you stomach aches?

  • Is it butterflies in your stomach or something else?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I understand, I have been there.  I have been invited out on boats and worried to death of wether I should go or not.  What happens if my stomach aches come and I have no where to go? My worst nightmare!  I have been at parties with stomach issues, work meetings, trips, you name it, and I too had no idea what to do or what was triggering it. All I knew is I was embarrassed, in pain and tired. So I looked and searched high and low for something that could help me feel better. I found it!  I now know that you don't have to live with IBS or stomach issues caused by stress or nerves.  You can live your life and not have to worry or stress about going camping, or to any social event, or live your life at home afraid of going out and missing out on life. 

I know, because I did it, I changed my life!  Are you ready to change yours?

Do You Want Things To Change?  If yes...

This Course Is For You!

In This Course You Will:







Module 1:  Stress and Gut Health:  Learn about the Microbiome, the Central Nervous System, how stress affects our gut and what to do about it.

Module 2:  How To Reduce Stress:  Acquire tools and skills that help reduce anxiety and stress to say goodbye to stomach issues.

Module 3:  Tummy Connection: What is my belly telling me? Get in touch with your inner self and get clear on what your gut is telling you and how you can make it feel better.

Module 4:  Food & Emotion Awareness:  Become aware (Mindful) of how foods and emotions affect you so that you know what to eat, what to avoid, who to be around, and who to avoid, and how to process life so it doesn't bother your belly.

Module 5:  Lifestyle Changes: Learn how to make mindful choices and lifestyle changes to improve quality of life; enjoy social life again!

Module 6:  Life After Healing: Learn about your energy and how to shift it. Create action plans that match your true desires and life after healing.

This course is

not for you if:

  • You are not suffering from stomach issues.

  • Stress and anxiety don't affect you. 

  • You are crystal clear on what your true desires are.

  • You make choices that match your desires.

  • You are connected to your inner truth.

  • You are working with a coach.

  • You know how to follow and trust your gut.

  • You are fulfilled in all areas of life.

  • You practice being present and mindful.

  • You know how to process emotions.

And I Know How You Feel.

Hi! Iam 

Keila Oses

began my journey to self-healing and discovery six years ago when I found myself with stomach issues, depressed, anxious, and stressed. I suffered from stomach issues almost on a daily basis. I always thought it was food related and even random when I would get them, because I would eat foods that I thought were safe and then I would have stomach issues.  I was unhappy with the life I was living even though on paper or by society all seemed well.  Realizing that I had stopped being the creator in my life and that I had lost connection with my true being, I knew I had to find my voice again and begin to live life in my terms. Connecting to my body, mind, and soul helped me recover from my stomach issues, anxiety, stress and depression.  I began to trust my gut, I unveiled my Gut Truth. 

I said goodbye to IBS and to unnecessary stress. I now live free of stomach issues and can live my life fully. This is why I created this program.  To help others heal their gut and live life following their Gut Truth.

"I help women listen and trust their gut,  understand the cause of their stomach issues, and live a life free of stress, connected to their inner self, living their ultimate truth"

-  Keila Oses



"Her enthusiasm and interest in helping you overcome your challenges is genuine and palpable. She exudes positivism and quite frankly, just sitting in the same room with someone like that is enough to spin your luck and energy field in the right direction."


"Empowering is the word I can think of to best describe Keila. She gives you the tools you need to guide you back into your power, and reminds you of your divine power, teaching you how to regain trust in yourself."


"Keila is an excellent professional and human being really commited to helping her patients. She gives you very practical and easy tools that you can use for life."

Gut Truth 

Group Healing Sessions

Is For You If:

  • You feel like you are stuck in a rut with your stomach issues.

  • You want to get clear on what your stomach is trying to tell you.

  • You want to be healthier and find your balance.

  • You want to live life on your terms.

  • You want to plan outings ahead of time.

  • You want extra support and have considered a coach.

  • You want to be able to make decisions from a place of confidence.

  • You want to know what foods are triggering your stomach issues.

  • You want to feel connected to your body and emotions.

  • You want to feel at peace.

  • You are ready to trust your gut feelings.

  • You are ready to increase happiness in all areas of life.

By The End Of The Group Coaching Sessions You Will:

  • Say goodbye to stomach issues.*

  • Lessen stress.

  • Be able to make plans ahead of time without anxiety of having to cancel.

  • Knowledge and midnfullness of what foods to eat.

  • Have a better idea on what your gut feelings mean and trust your gut.

  • Know how to process emotions effectively.

  • Have a new connection to self, increased intuition, mindfulness & whole health.

  • Know how to quiet the mind and listen to your inner true desires.

  • Know what changes you want to make to live the life you want.

  • Focus on the present.

  • Boost self-esteem.

  • Be able to match your choices with desires.

  • Create an action plan that mirrors your true desires.

  • Know what's most valuable and important to you at this moment.

  • Make space for the life you want.

Gut Truth


  • 3 Month online group coaching .

  • 6 Module videos with Gut Truth program content. 

  • 6 Group digital coaching calls through Zoom. (2 per month)

  • 6 PDF assignment workbooks to get clear and create action plans.

  • 6+ Meditations to get you connected to your desires.

  • Access to our private GUT TRUTH Facebook group for questions, discussions, homework, feedback & support.

  • Bonus: FREE Meditation For Beginners Course ($250 Value)

  • Bonus: FREE Decrease Stress Meditation   

Special Alert!!!

Sign up before Sep 3, 2018 and get a


 with Keila Oses

where you can discuss anything that may be holding you back from living the life YOU Want!

Resources Needed:

  • Computer/cell phone to connect to Zoom for online calls

  • Internet connection

  • Earphones - optional

Learn what your belly aches are trying to tell you, and CONNECT to your INNER SELF!

Gut Truth


Bonus 30 min One on One 

Coaching Session Special ends 09/03/18

Sessions Begin w/o September 10, 2018

One Payment of


Six Monthly Payments of


Limited Seats Available

Registration closes Sep 07,2018

If you have any questions please email me here.


Get the Most Out of Life

Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions provide a space of reflection to open the individual's eyes, mind and hearts to self discovery, mindfulness, and change.  Coaching can help get you where you wanna go. It connects your inner purpose and passion to outer goals and strategies, to bring about extraordinary and sustainable results. Coaching will provide the individual with the tools necessary to support and enforce the changes needed to achieve the goal at hand. Coaches don't give advice or tell you what to do. You have all the answers inside you. As a coach, I guide you to find them. We are partners!​


What To Expect During Your Online Coaching Sessions

As a Certified Professional Life/Wellness Coach, I will support you by providing guidance, encouragement, and holding you accountable to your word.  During our online sessions we will discuss topics and your goals in a way that will bring clarity to your desires and intentions. You will be given assignments to process and reflect upon, to begin a shift in energy and to create the action steps you want to change your life


Group coaching perks are: you are not doing this alone, you can learn from each other, hold each other accountable, and maybe even create life-long friendships. You will find ways of accomplishing your desires at your terms and at your pace. This approach creates a sense of peace in knowing you are following your heart.

Since most of this program occurs outside of our sessions, mainly your everyday life, the results are really up to you.  When you put in the work, you get results. You can create what you want, just take action! Let's see what those step items are, one step at a time.

Time required: Each week you will need time to watch videos and complete homework. 


*Disclaimer: Keila Oses LLC is not a therapist or a doctor.  I am not a medical doctor, when you follow my plan as created, in the program, you will experience relief in symptoms, however, some symptoms require medical attention and should be looked at by a doctor.  Please continue to see your doctors and take medication.  Medical, mental health or dental conditions are only treated by the prescription, referral, supervision or direction of the appropriate licensed practitioner of the healing arts as pertaining to Florida Hypnosis Law. Individual results may vary. *Individual results may vary and are dependent on many variables including the client’s attitude, follow-through, adherence to the program and personal health and history; some issues may require a referral.  If required I will be pleased to assist you in obtaining a referral.

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