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I created this meditation to help people who experience feeling drained, tiredness, anxiety, or stress when in crowded places, when they get home from work or when around certain people. Some people, places or tasks drain our energy leaving us feeling like we are running on empty. This meditation helps clear negative energy allowing you to feel energized and relaxed all in 5 MINUTES!


I needed this meditation about 9 years ago (would have been awesome for the college years too ha!).  I had a co-worker who totally drained my energy, day in and day out. I would be irritable, upset and angry (qualities that were not my usual, at least not to that extend) and I would take it out on my loved ones. I didn't know how to protect my energy or cleanse it or what that even meant or was. This meditation is great for that purpose and more.


This sutiation is my example, but in reality this meditation is for EVERYONE. We all interchange energy all the time, constantly.


This meditation will cleanse your energy field and allow you to start or end your day refreshed and ready for anything that comes your way.  It is not only cleansing but healing and protection for you and your energy. I hope everyone begins to feel the benefits of starting your day with clean energy. Bring awareness to how you feel, to your mood, attitude and thoughts on days you do this meditation.

If you would like to learn more about energy and about energy healing, please book a consultation here and I will gladly help. 


Sit back or lay down, and enjoy this relaxing, healing, cleansing, and nurturing meditation.

Namaste!        :) Enjoy!

*Disclaimer: Do not listen to this meditation while driving or operating heavy machinery.

Click on Download track to listen to full meditation, below you can hear a demo.

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